Lubomír Diviš
Economy Controlling Informatics
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The main sphere of my activities is management consultancy intensive support of partners growing activities mainly in the controlling, cost analysis, accountancy, informatics - areas in which I achieved valuable experiences and knowledge.

The partner’s company gets during our cooperation missed right important information for right decision in the right time.

I think the saved time the partner can use for his main activities: production, services, trade, and development and of course for his important customers and co-workers.

Questions to bee answered by my services:

                                                                     Competitive advantages:

Thoroughgoing analysis

Clever feasible solutions

Intensive participation and the cooperation with the partners team.

Independency facilitates the changes and the relations with partners surroundings.

Keeping of the choosed course and usage of all sources
Are you fast growing prosperous company and implementation or improvement of economical management is needed?

You don't have the right information to make the right decision on time?

Are you trying to solve a critical state in your company?

Does growing internal bureaucracy take too much time in your schedules?

Your accountancy doesn't provide worth information in the intelligible form?

Do you need continuous audit of your accountancy?

Are you an international company and do you need transparent reports for the owners?

Have you spent a lot of money for information system and you are not sure about its functionality?

Your new bought and paid information system is still not working?

Do you run different information systems in you company but you need  one consistent information?

Do your IT suplier and his consultants try to abuse you missing skills from this branch?

Do you need the efficient administration of your information system and network and you can not hire fulltime professional?

Are you going to implement new information system and you'd appreciate cooperation with the independent professional?

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